Christmas 06

Sarah Christmas       Family at Christmas    

This Christmas we celebrated in Farmington.


A Reminder of a Day at Sea

This is a quick video of a boat off Cape Horn sailing under storm jib alone.   Just a simple day at sea.

 And yes, the camera always makes the waves seem smaller.

A New Website for Christmas?

Only my son John would give me a website for Christmas!

The Next Trip: Rounding Cape Horn

One trip I have always wanted to do is a classic one: Sailing around Cape Horn. I had thought of going from East to West, but after a bit of research decided on a trip from Punta Arenas through the Staits of Magellen and around the Isla de Hornos from West to East.

Cape Horn

It looks like a simple little rock, one that you might see off the coast of Maine, or Britainny. The difference is that it is at the end of the world and has for centuries represented the pinnacle of a sailing challenge.

The date is set for March – April 2008. The boat will be skippered by a colleague from the NYYC. And I will be looking forward to telling you more as the planning continues.

The Area and the Islands


Bermuda Race Shakedown

In 1992, after a big push to finish out the boat, putting in electronics and unexpectedly at the last moment, putting in a new engine, Commotion was ready to head to Newport and then on to Bermuda.


Commotion Bahamas


The First Race to Halifax

Every other year there is a simple race. Marblehead to Halifax. It is 400 miles and is generally done in about 3 days depending on the wind. And the fog. And Navigator.

It is a race we would end up doing three times – first on Finesse and then two more times on Commotion, getting a little better each time and even winning our class one year.

Finesse Halifax Racing Team

This year the boat was Finesse, a C&C 38 I bought in 1990 to get back into racing. The crew was somewhat seasoned and generally enthusiastic consisting of Mark Madison, Godfrey, John, Will Blackall, Todd Drake, Jay Karas and Peter Deary. The trip was fairly simple, race to Halifax, spend the evening and then leave the boat for the boys to bring back to Marblehead.

On the way we had nice wind for the initial crossing, no wind off the southern tip of Nova Scotia and then too much wind closing Halifax in the afternoon.

How many times can a C&C 38 broach under spinnaker when it blows 35 knots and most of the crew are new to the boat? More then once is the answer but we made it into town in one piece.

Halifax is an amazing maritime city and worth noting for the 18th century citadel that overlooks the harbor, as well as the maze of interconnected bars that make up the 5 Fisherman light night entertainment complex. Needless to say I left the boys with Will Blackall running into old school mates and wondering how they were going to be feeling when they set out on the delivery home the next day.

Finesse Delivery Team